Saturday, October 26, 2019

Why is Giant sports bike so popular?

Giant sports bikes are one of the most popular bike manufacturers today in both Asian and Vietnamese markets. This is a brand with a long history of development, winning the trust of customers for generations.

If you learn a little, you will know Giant sports bike is a bicycle brand with a history of over 40 years. This branded product is now available in more than 50 countries around the world. Giant is the pride of China. Right from the birth, the bicycle called Giant has become the desire of the students. So far, Giant has never been very attractive.

There are many reasons why the Giant sports bicycle brand stands on the market and growing stronger and stronger. Their products appear in many countries with the production of tens of thousands of cars per year. Giant became the most popular bicycle brand.

Giant sports bikes always focus on the quality - durability of the bike
Since its inception, Giant sports bikes have been very focused on the quality of each product. Every car before going out of the factory undergoes strict inspection according to international standards. Ensuring every detail brings the highest standards of quality and durability:

+ High quality materials
Giant sport bikes with frames are usually made of carbon steel or aluminum and carbon alloy materials. The frame has a high rigidity, firmness, good strength, strong impact resistance without distortion.

Brakes ensure high safety. The system is used by Shimano, Kenda tires. Premium materials create the perfect quality of the product.

+ International standard manufacturing techniques
Giant sport bikes are manufactured using Japanese technology. High technology, strict inspection. The assembly process is strictly supervised by leading experts.

+ Long life
The previous generation loved Giant sports bikes because they have beautiful design, fashion, but above all, the durability of the "stone mortar" of this bike. To this day, this brand retains its outstanding advantages and is even more improved.

The configuration of Giant sports bike is constantly being improved
With every product, Giant sports bikes are equipped with good configuration, even with affordable cars. Most are Japanese high-end Shimano movements. The advanced gearbox helps the car achieve flexible movement and optimum speed.

Especially with the Giant cars priced from midrange upwards, the configuration is very strong. They are perfect in each design to form a whole that brings interesting experiences to users.

Giant sports bike style catches up with customers' tastes
Giant sports bike design creates appeal to all customers thanks to the following factors:

+ Meticulous and creative design
Giant pedal sports products are always the top manufacturer of meticulousness and creativity in design. As a result, each car always gives users a sense of the perfection, the care of its maker.

+ Fashionable design
Giant sports bike design is designed according to the trend of fashion, modern, style, to meet the tastes of users.

+ Rich colors
The colors of Giant sports bikes prioritize courtesy and fashion. Combining trendy and harmonious colors to create a beautiful and rich aesthetic.

Giant sports bike prices are affordable
Most Giant sports bikes are products priced from 4 to 8 million. This is a cheap and quality bicycle brand that is loved by customers all over the world. In addition, Giant also launched high-end bicycle models, priced at over 10 million for a product. Those are the striking, breakthrough designs of this brand.

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