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In Vietnam, many parents often take their children to school by motorbike, car, or for special buses in big cities. However, in developed countries that are contrary to the trend in Vietnam, they often encourage their children to go to school by bike instead of being picked up by their parents.

Part of the psychology of parents in Vietnam can also be feared that their children will not study well or fear the danger to their children.

1. Dutch students come to school by means of culture
When mentioning the Dutch country and people, we will immediately think of the images of bicycles, they become an indispensable part of life here. Infrastructure is very well built and groomed to every corner, with more than 20,000 km of roads dedicated to bicycles. Because of this infrastructure, bicycles are the most convenient and safest form of transportation for people in general and Dutch students in particular.

Dutch students learn to ride a bicycle very early, and secondary students must take a bicycle traffic test to get a "Verkeers diploma". This is a very important certificate for all students in the "Dutch bicycle paradise", another interesting fact is that more than 84% of students in the Netherlands come to school by bicycle within 5Km.

2. Japanese students go to school by bicycle
Coming to the "Land of Cherry Blossoms", we will easily see the bike lanes around the major cities of the country and the image of the students on the bike to school is indispensable. in this country. Japanese students are encouraged to ride the bike to school every day, which is one of the positive activities to develop the future generation of Japan. It is important to note in Japan that bicycle owners must register with the vehicle ownership police.

Walking is also a popular form of transportation for elementary and high school students in Japan. Students who walk about 5 to 15 minutes will get to school because the school is scattered around the living area.

3. Danish students come to school by bicycle
Denmark has the number of students using bicycles in the "top" world. Copenhagen with more than half of its citizens and children cycling to work or school. According to estimates, the number of bicycles there is up to 650,000 more than the population living there.

The city of Odense has 350 miles built exclusively for bicycles and more than 81% of the students go to school by bike each day. When children enter first grade, according to the tradition of education here knowledge of traffic safety is integrated into the curriculum. Danish cities and schools work together to make it easier for children to cycle to school each morning. The city of Odense promotes the Bicycle Friend bike app - a game that combines bike trips for students, in just a few days this app has been downloaded more than 500 times, an app similar to Pokemon games were headlining in Vietnam in 2016.

All of the city's initiatives and efforts are focused on helping students travel safely on bicycles and helping them become familiar with bicycles from an early age. This meaningful activity contributes to the development of future generations and the development of Danish society, country and people.

4. American students arrive at school by means of bus and bicycle
In the US, buses are the primary means for students to go to school. The buses here are painted gold and become the symbol of American students. Buses are the most popular choice for students, because they cost a very small amount (about US $ 500 a year) and can go a long way. More specifically in Pennsylvania, the government waives bus fares for students.

Image results for students cycling
The second vehicle chosen by many American students is bicycles, which is nothing more interesting when walking around the campus and admiring the bicycle. Students in the United States easily own a bike for themselves because their price is quite cheap. When riding a bicycle, American students must obey the law, especially when wearing a helmet when cycling.

5. How do students in Vietnam go to school?
Particularly in Vietnam, the number of students going to school by bicycle in rural areas is more dominant than in urban areas. In urban areas, the number of students who use bicycles and buses to school every day accounts for a small number, most of them are taken to school by car or motorbike by their parents.

Why is there such a difference in transportation for rural and city students?
The simple reason is that rural life is more difficult than in the city, parents in the countryside often go to work very early and the students here often take care of themselves and go to school by themselves. bike or walk. That's what life is like in the countryside, but rural students love to cycle on their own.

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