Saturday, October 26, 2019

What are the highlights of German sports bikes 2019?

The famous German sports bike with the Twitter brand is a famous bike. This is a brand of vehicles with large consumption in the Asia Pacific market. Twitter bike is also very popular and popular in Vietnam.

German bicycle Twitter was born in 2008. Although being born later than many other famous brands, Twitter has quickly captured the bicycle market of Asia and many European countries. This brand of car has many outstanding advantages, which is preferred by users:

German sport bikes meet CE quality standards
The CE standard is the European Union's quality standard. Speaking of European quality standards, everyone knows. In order to achieve this standard, the products must be manufactured by modern and advanced technical processes. The process is strictly monitored, the product must be very strict quality control. Every product before it is marketed must meet all standards.

German bicycle Twitter inherits the technological prowess of the country with the world's leading industry. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when this bicycle company is highly appreciated for its product quality.

The quality here is assessed in many factors: high quality, durable materials, standard assembly products, good performance, long life ... German sports bikes Twitter can meet all both criteria set by the CE standard.

Twitter sports bike is well equipped
Targeted at affordable and mid-range customers, the German sports bike Twitter is very invested in configuration. Most products are equipped with high-end Shimano gear sets. Help the car have flexible movement, speed.

If anyone has ever owned a Twitter bike, you will feel the difference in the movement of this bike. From design to configuration for free and comfortable movement. But at the same time, the driver is very active in control.

The design of German sports bikes is very innovative and fashionable
+ Structure
Many German Twitter bikes have a very unique structure. The appearance is very complex but eye-catching and looks more professional than ordinary cars. This construction is based on the study of user preferences to create the maximum comfort and efficiency when practicing sports by bike.

+ Design
I must say that Twitter has a hard time finding new designs for its products. Design has the inheritance and promotion of creating new products, attracting eyes. The style of this car is fashionable, modern, stylish and unique.

Suggest hot German sports bikes

+ Visp 3.0 bike
This is a popular bike model of the Twitter brand. Price only 4.200.000 ₫. Lightweight aluminum chassis helps reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. Sleek, fashionable, and elegant colors with extremely smooth 3-layer paint. Vehicles equipped with 21-speed Shimano movement for flexible and smooth movement.

+ Twitter 719 sports bike
For the price of VND 8,500,000 you can own a striking design of the Twitter brand. This car is equipped with Shimano M370-27 speed, 9-speed movement to help you experience great speed. Modern design. Car painted black and red impressive, strong style, personality.

+ T10 Pro racing bike
The highlight of this German sports bike is its rugged construction. Extremely light 18k carbon aluminum frame. Weight only 8.5 kg, in accordance with the standards of professional racing bikes. The car is extremely durable, good impact resistance and not afraid of deformation. Outstanding configuration plus stylish design creates a class of vehicle. Currently products are being discounted at Fx-Bike from 15,900,000 VND to 15,590,000 VND.

+ Twitter Cyclone racing bike 2.0
Add a model of a German racing bike that you should buy. Very good value for this product. This is a high-class bicycle product, elaborated in design, meticulous in every stage of production, assembly and equipped with extremely high configuration. All make up the perfect perfect impeccable in the head. The bike is also being discounted by Fx-Bike from VND 19,900,000 to only VND 18,500,000.

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