Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sample sport bike for young women - personality 2019

Alice female bike is a sport bike for women with a youthful style and personality that is worth your choice today. This car has all the elements that girls need. They are: quality, nice design, good price, suitable size.

The criteria for choosing a sport bike model for women usually prioritize light endurance and stylish design. Price is also a matter of great concern. Especially for young people who are pupils and students. Or you have to work to find a bike with a gentle price to stroll around the streets when you have free time.

Highlights of the sports bike model for female Alice

+ Structure
The Alice female bicycle has a strong, lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The materials selected help this car look small but has good bearing capacity. High impact resistance, anti-deformation. The spare parts used are all famous brands. Especially, Kenda tires are durable. Size 26 solid and strong gold.

+ Configuration
This vehicle is equipped with Shimano Tourney 21 Speed ​​movement. Shimano EF51 Handshake. Mechanical disc brake. Configuration is good, strong, helps the car have flexible movement, smooth gear changes, enduring performance.

+ Design
This is a sport bike model for women with a youthful and modern design. Simple but sophisticated design in every line. Harmonious harmony with compact structure, elegant style, very feminine. Elegant colors, suitable for women such as pink, blue ...

Assessing the suitability of a sports bike model for women
Sports bike models for women often have a relatively special design. Car styling, dimensions and structure are designed based on research on the general condition of women. Let's see if Alice's bike model meets the criteria for choosing a bike for women!

+ About the design
According to experts, female models of sport bikes often have vertical and short bands that are more suitable than horizontal ones. Alice bike is a typical model. The stand design, relative size is the first fit that girls should choose this model.

With this design, the girls will easily control the car in all conditions of the road. At the same time, the driver will master his steering. This helps minimize the risk of bicycling, limiting unexpected situations. Especially when cycling on bad, rough and sloping roads.

+ About car size
Alice's bicycle is a medium sized female, suitable for the average height of women in Vietnam. Outside, the car is quite small and light. Seat height can be changed so girls with height from 1m50 - 1m70 can use it well.

With the right size, this car helps girls to be proactive in controlling the car. When sitting in a car with good view, easy observation, comfortable driving. Thus, helps improve safety when riding on the street.

+ Some other parts of the car
It is true that the bike model for women. The Alice bike has a compact handlebar and brake handle, suitable for the little hands of girls. The saddle has a wider back designed to suit the body characteristics of women (female's pelvis is usually wider).

Materials selected for the manufacture of vehicles aim to reduce weight. Material aluminum frame is both strong and light, which is a big plus of this car.

Calculate the application of the sports bike model for girls Alice
With a design suitable for women, fashionable designs, good quality, Alice's sports bike model is the best suggestion for girls today. Especially young people with low income and limited budget.

This car will be a good companion for you when you go to school, work, walk around the city or practice sports. The gentle, feminine design of the car can satisfy any girl.

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