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[Review] Top 5 best sports bikes 2019 you should buy 2019

What is a sports bike?
Sports bike offers users many interesting things and different experiences. Depending on the purpose and preferences of the player, sports bikes are divided into several categories. These types of bicycles can only be distinguished by their construction. Because the parts on sports bikes are often optimized for high efficiency, serving the needs of players.

What kind of sports bike is there?
If classified according to function, we can divide into 3 basic types are racing bikes (Road Bike); terrain bike (MounTain Bike); street bike (Touring Bike). Each type will be structured and suitable for each different user.

1. Racing bike (Road Bike)
This race car has a simple, lightweight construction that is often used by riders. The car has a neat design, 2 slender wheels and a saddle is designed for the driver to lean slightly forward. This innovation helps reduce wind resistance, thereby helping riders achieve maximum speed when participating in the race.

2. Terrain bike (MounTain Bike)
Mountain bicycles or mountain bikes are heavy vehicles. Large frame with 2 large wheels makes moving more flexible on any terrain whether it is flat or rugged.

3. Street bike (Touring Bike)
Street bicycles have an aluminum or iron spray-painted metal frame outside structure. The vehicle has a solid structure suitable for health training, heavy furniture ... In this article hangchuanzin will focus mainly on this product line to introduce to you.

1. Fornix FM26 sport terrain bike (Recommended)

Fornix FM26 terrain bike is a quality bike line that you cannot ignore at this time. Not only does the car possess many outstanding advantages, but its price is also very affordable and extremely competitive.

The most obvious advantage is the sleek, stylish and powerful aerodynamic frame. Weight is not too heavy, the structure of the car is very scientific with elastic saddle system, disc brakes are equipped on both front and rear wheels to help support effectively during the move.

The highlight is the stylized Fornix logo printed diagonally on the side. Vehicles with many youthful colors from green to orange, gray to yellow and black to green. You are free to choose to suit your personal preferences.

Wheels have a large size up to 26 inches, this size is suitable for those with a height of 1m6 or more. The car is equipped with a 24-speed adapter combined with 8 wheels and 3 discs before this, allowing you to comfortably experience different roads and speeds perfectly.

2. Asama TRK FL2601 sport bike (Considerations)

In the segment from 2 to less than 3 million you have a relatively high quality option that is Asama TRK FL2601. The product is a perfect blend of ancient style combined with modern features. Directly assembled Asama TRK FL2601 is priced cheaper than the one imported from Taiwan.

The car is relatively high finishing, the parts that make up the vehicle such as the frame, fork, handlebars are made of electrostatic spray iron very solid. The seat is clawed quite neatly and creates good elasticity. Asama TRK FL2601 bike has many personality colors to choose from such as red, silver or gray.

Load capacity of the vehicle is moderate, you should limit carrying more than 120kg. Diverse components and spare parts, you do not have to worry if they are damaged.

3. Fixed Gear Single Sport Bike (Cheap)
Fixed Gear Single is a line of sports bikes without brakes that has made young people crazy for a while. In Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, the Fixed Gear Single bike line has become a very popular trend.

The car has a simple design and design, not equipped with many modern technologies but loved by young people. Fixed Gear Sigle is designed to minimize the details to the maximum in order to arouse the interest and discovery in the user's spread.

Bicycle operating principle is quite singular, forcing users to have a long time of practice. It can be said that riding the Fixed Gear has become fun and is a favorite sport for many young people today.

4. Trinx Free 2.0 sports bike 2018 (High price)

Trinx Free 2.0 2018 is a product of the Trinx brand that was launched in the beginning of 2018. If possible and want to own a beautiful product of design, modern features, this is the product you should see. consider. The car has a dynamic design, youthful and modern tones. The frame is made of powder-coated aluminum, made based on Taiwan's advanced technology.

Durable chassis, ensuring to withstand large loads of up to 120kg. The saddle is made of aluminum alloy material with safety lock, outside is covered with soft cover for good elasticity. In this version, the manufacturer retains the 24-speed Shimano movement but has replaced rim brakes with more advanced disc brakes.

TrinX Free 2.0 2018 is completely higher than the products we have introduced above. Vehicles with a high price of about 6 million can be a big obstacle for many people when they want to own this product.

5. Touring Life FCR226 (Over 5 million segment)

Touring Life FCR226 is rated as the best road bike sport today. You can see the popularity of this product on the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Products have many different sizes to choose from to suit the height. Touring Life FCR226 is upgraded and comprehensive by the manufacturer in terms of design and product quality.

The biggest plus point of this product is the use of 700 x 23C tires. The product has a durable, lightweight aluminum frame, handlebar, and steering neck. Thus, helps the car move faster on any terrain.

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