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Review and experience Specialized S-Works Shiv 2019

For those who are passionate about bicycles in general and triathlon in particular, Specialized is an unfamiliar name. In triathlon Kona, in recent years, Specialized has always been in the top 5 most used sports bike brands of the tournament, a fact that proves the quality of this American car company. In 2018, in preparation for the Shanghai Ironman 70.3, I was fortunate to be sponsored by Specialized and the Trisport distributor for the S-Works Shiv Module 2018 chassis. With advanced aerodynamic design and carbon technology, the S -This work is one of the powerful factors that help me improve my pedaling performance significantly compared to Ironman 70.3 Danang. In the article below I would like to share specific feelings and experiences during the use of the car.

Specialized launched the S-Works Shiv line for the first time in 2010 with an optimized aerodynamic design, one of the breakthrough designs of the time. However, due to the breakthrough, UCI (World Bicycle Association) banned such designs in its races, for example Tour de France. Since then, Specialized has made a number of changes to comply with UCI regulations, and also launched a separate line for Triathlon. That design has almost remained the same so far.

“Don't Break What Is Unbreakable,” Specialized S-Works Shiv 2018 still adheres to that philosophy to ensure that athletes not only get speed advantages from aerodynamic design, but also ensure nutritional and nutritional needs. The risk is adequately met. The frame and forks of the S-Works Shiv 2018 are made from FACT 11r Carbon, the most specialized Specialized carbon technology applied only to first-class cars (S-works Shiv, Venge 2019, Venge Sagan).

My S-Works Shiv 2018 is the Triathlon series, it is only allowed to be used in tournaments such as Ironman, Challenge and is banned in UCI system tournaments such as Sea Games, ITU etc. ... Because it was banned by UCI, Specialized designed. vehicles to create the best aerodynamic effect. This can be seen in the designed large section of the downtube. This reduces wind resistance and creates compaction when pedaling. Like high-end segment car designers, the frame design of S-Works Shiv is tested and improved through test data from wind-tunnel testing to ensure aerodynamics and reliability. Vehicle stability in adverse weather conditions. Despite being so big, it seems that this design is not affected by the oblique wind, as evidenced by the athlete Craig Alexander used this car to win the three championships of the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Fuelselage and Fuelcell

As one of the pioneering brands in integrating water and food storage into the chassis, the S-Works Shiv 2018 remains loyal to the Fuelselage Hydration System so that athletes can recharge and refill easily when competing. This is a point that I quite like because when you put the water bottle into the aerobar you will have certain difficulties in drinking water, that is not to mention the worst case when the water tank is lost due to the car shaking.

Specialized also designed a bag called Fuelcell placed on the slant, where you normally put the water bottle. This Fuelcell box is where you can store the gel, energy bar, salt tablets, or even Co2 bottles, tubes (with valves up to 60mm long) and tubing patch if needed in case of a flat tire. It should be added that this Fuelcell box is also designed so that if mounted synchronously on the car will further optimize the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Brake and Groupset

The S-works 2018 chassis is equipped with an integrated brake mount, with the front brake connected to the forks and the rear brake below the middle pipe. This is quite different from S-Works with other high-end models on the market today. Instead of integrating the front brakes into the forks, Specialized remains loyal to attaching separate brakes. Many people may not like this as such design increases wind resistance and is not pleasing to the eye. However, many people like it because it's easy to dismantle and adjust the brake opening to match the wheel. In addition, some new types of brakes such as Tririg are also designed very compact, not only ensuring no wind but also easy to disassemble, edit.

As a car belonging to the most advanced segment of the company, Specialized did not hesitate to equip CeramicSpeed ​​bearings for the middle shaft (bottom bracket) to minimize friction force, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the transmission system. out from the plate, through the slug and the crack. Another special feature is that the frame is equipped with 2 saddle poles to optimize the bike shape based on your height.

For Shiv W-works 2019, Specialized policy encourages the athletes to choose the groupset and rim to ensure compatibility and competition needs. Because the Shanghai Ironman 70.3 road bike is mostly flat, I decided to equip the wheels on the rear wheel to optimize the speed. In addition, the car is fitted with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset to ensure accurate and smooth shifting.

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