Saturday, October 26, 2019


Cycling to work is currently a new trend and is popular. Especially in the office world, it is not difficult for us to see images of bicycles in the basements of companies. For over 1 year, Mr. Peter Nguyen - Director of a fairly large company in the city. Ho Chi Minh had completely abandoned his car to go to work by bike.

Every day Peter Nguyen still cycles 4km from his house to the company, he shared that in the past he used to go to work by car but the roads in Saigon were quite congested. But until he had back pain, the doctor advised him to exercise or play sports. However, his current job is quite busy, taking 1-2 hours to go to the gym every day is a bit difficult for him.

And then he remembered the old days when he went to study abroad in Australia and saw many people working by bike, looking back at the road in the city. Ho Chi Minh is also quite flat, suitable for long-distance cycling, especially Nguyen Huu Canh, very spacious and airy so he decided to cycle to work every day. After a week of cycling, seeing that his health improved significantly, his back was also much more painful so he decided to pursue cycling to work.

He added: “The daily work made me sit for hours making my body stagnant, heavy, slow to touch, not to mention much of the stressful work made him feel more tired. But since cycling to work, he feels much stronger, happier, more active, and more productive than before. My back no longer hurts and I don't often suffer from minor illnesses such as sore throat, cold, ... like in the old days. "

He also said that cycling gives him many experiences he has never had before. In the early morning, the air was still fresh, cycling on Nguyen Huu Canh, spacious, airy, looking at the city made him feel very relaxed after a busy day at work. Normally he was swept up in the hustle and bustle of life in Saigon, making him forget about these simple things. Only when cycling to work, he has the opportunity to slow down and contemplate life. Cycling to work also contributes to reducing environmental pollution, making him more happy, because he is doing something for society even if it is only small.

When asked if riding a bike to work will lose the image of a director? He did not hesitate to answer immediately. “At first, when I first rode to work, many people were surprised, and everyone wondered why such a director would go to work by bike. But then everyone got used to it later and everyone supported me.

Riding a bike to work makes my image closer, my employees are also more open to me, no longer shy, keeping my distance as before, so working is also more comfortable and comfortable ”- Mr. Peter Nguyen said.

He continued, “With bicycles now very different from the old days, the models are very beautiful, luxurious and fashionable. Many people think cycling is very exhausting and exhausting but it is not. The bike has a lot of adjustments, I want to pedal gently but I want to step harder to exercise also. I am using a Giant bicycle and I am very satisfied. The price is only average but very nice and fully meet your needs. ”

His company has many people going to work these days, and people are sharing stories about this topic. The company also organizes small races between employees, or goes on a picnic together on the outskirts of the city, sometimes registering to compete. After such events he finds people happier and more connected.

He continued, “My wife is a housewife, she often goes to the supermarket near the house. However, she often chooses to walk, sometimes buying a lot of food, having to walk a short but very tired road. So I decided to buy Momentum Ineed my wife's bicycle so I could go to the market or go for a weekend walk with me. ”

“I currently participate in the bicycle club. Regularly participating in many major tournaments, sometimes cycling or practicing with friends in the club also makes me relieve stress, the problems are solved better, ”said Peter.

“At first, I rode my bike to work to improve my health, but I still loved it when I didn't know it. Now riding with me like a passion, every day not riding a bike makes me feel uncomfortable and miss ”

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