Saturday, October 26, 2019

Is fornix bike good?

Is the bike just a bicycle? Today's bicycle has become a lifestyle and an integral part of everyday life. It was no longer a means of transportation.

If you are starting to learn about bicycles and wondering between countless bicycle brands such as Gaint, Galaxy, Trinx, Jett ... In this article, Greenbike will work with you to decode the Fornix bike line - cheap bike brand. Most popular today. Let's see if Fornix bike is good!

Fornix bicycles by which country?

Fornix is ​​a famous Chinese cheap bicycle brand. Read up to here, do not rush to label "made-in-China" for "her" offline!

Many people still equate "Chinese goods" for everything labeled "made-in-China", but what about "China" quality goods not published?

China has been dubbed the "world's cheap outsourcing workshop"! Most famous brands such as Apple and SamSung have their factories here because of cheap labor and sophisticated and fast production level.

In particular, Fornix, since appearing in Vietnam in 2011 to date, they have constantly improved the product, quality beyond value. Fornix knows and responds to the increasingly diverse needs of its customers. From the sports series, cheap discs, to Fixed Gear fashion bicycles, folding bikes ...

Therefore, this bicycle company not only has a foothold in the domestic market. They also hold a high position in the Asian bicycle market.

What makes Fornix bicycles different?

Stay on top of innovation and meet the diverse needs of users. Fornix bicycles have the following differences:

Structure of a bicycle Fornix
You will be a bit surprised when you first try to drive the Fornix. Because the rear axle is attached directly to the wheel. What does this mean?

It means that if you turn the pedal back and forth, the rear wheel will turn in the opposite direction and go down.

Understandably, if you pedal slowly, the car will slow down, if you stop pedaling, the rear wheel stops. Rather, the wheel will move at the same time as your step. It's different from a regular bike, right? The wheel will not keep spinning in physical inertia anymore!

Because of this feature, when you start to get used to fornix bikes, you will lose a lot of energy to go on or not stop cycling. But after a period of getting used to, you can realize the speed of your bike for a particular pedal and when fornix becomes friendly, it will work to your liking.

Configuration of fornix bike
Depending on the purpose of use, Fornix will give you different configurations.

If you are interested in Roadbike, please pay attention to our light bar. Design curved steering wheel shape. When you sit in the car, the driving position creates a dynamic force, pushing the speed up. But still save energy optimally.

Fornix's Touring Bikes have design adjustments compared to the traditional style. The sturdy frame helps you to carry heavy loads while traveling, camping ...

Fornix (MTB) Mountain bicycles Designed with high shock-absorbing characteristics and features. Accompanied by a better disc brakes. The characteristic of this vehicle is that the tires are very rugged and the design of the pedal is also lower to handle the mountainous terrain, rocky slope ... Help you get the safety and use as much as possible. power of the car and people.

Vehicle size

Many people often pay more attention to the color and style of bicycles rather than choosing a size that fits their shape.

Fornix bikes will have a height table corresponding to Size S, M, L. When knowing the right size bike. Your body strength will be maximized.

Regardless of when you go on long distances or terrain, a bit of proper dexterity will win you over.

Not only can you achieve the maximum speed, you can also avoid the fatigue caused by muscles, arms or back ...

Cheap bicycles
Dominate the bicycle market with a variety of bikes:

  • Mountain bike
  • Sport bicycle
  • Folding bicycles
  • Fixed Gear Bicycles
  • Street bike
  • Children's bicycles

Fornix is ​​the search result for cheap sports bikes or cheap terrain bikes. From only two million, you can own a basic sports bike. Can serve the needs of school, work, or even the weekend biking.

Accelerators and frame materials, wheels and designs are no less than rivals such as Trinx, Twitter or Jett, Galaxy ..

Because of the extremely competitive price in the bicycle world. So many people are skeptical about the quality of Fornix bikes.

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