Saturday, October 19, 2019

Combining quality sports bikes for less than 12 million VNĐ

Currently on the market there are many different types of sports bikes, diverse in brand as well as price and quality. Therefore, choosing a bike that is comfortable but affordable is not easy. Understanding this, Giant International will introduce you to the collection of quality sports bikes cost less than 10 million in the article below so that you will have more information from which to easily choose for themselves a " useful combatant.

1. Giant ATX sports bicycle
If you are a beginner to playing sports bikes and are wondering if you want to choose a sports bike with a mid-range price but still have a good configuration, the Giant ATX series is an extremely good choice. reasonable for you. Durable, diverse and eye-catching design, quality and value for money, Giant ATX is a sports bike suitable for many needs of moving inside and outside the city.

The frame is made of ALUXX aluminum material, super light, high impact resistance, good anti-deformation and easy to carry because the overall weight of the car is lightweight, making it suitable for almost any age of school. born to the office people or the elderly.

Giant ATX cars also own quality Shimano transmission. The ATX's Giant ATX gearbox is appreciated by the market not only for its ability to easily switch between the floors, but also the active athletes can use it to climb mountains and downhill so the configuration is always an advantage for Giant to have. can knock out low-cost cars in the same segment.

In addition, Giant also equipped with Tektro disc brakes, with large braking capacity to bring high efficiency when braking, suitable to go in all conditions such as rain, wet roads, mountainous terrain and dangerous obstacles. back, easy to replace and maintain.

Giant ATX sports bikes have many different models such as ATX 1, ATX 2, with unique and integrated configurations, designs and prices at the market ranging from 7,450,000 to 9,890,000 VND depending on the market. car model.

2. Giant Escape line sport bike
The Giant Escape series is a popular sport bike for everyday use and is a bike that is leading the cycling trend in the city today.

Owning the ALUXX aluminum frame helps ensure the car is durable but still super light weight. In addition, the spaciousness of the frame is convenient for users equipped with many hanging bags or carrying many luggage. Vehicles can load up to 120kg but the weight is not too heavy only 12kg.

Giant Escape sports bikes are also equipped with quality Shimano transmission to help users can adjust the gear to suit the pedal force, speed as easily as possible.

Currently on the market of Giant Escape line, there are many versions such as Giant Escape 3 2019, Giant Escape 3 asia 2020, ... with good quality, not too expensive price with the listed price of VND 8,590,000.

3. Giant Roam 3 Disc sports bike
Giant Roam 3 Disc sports bike is an excellent "hybrid child" between the racing bikes and terrain bikes, Roam 3 Disc is in the X-road Adventure list of Giant manufacturers, suitable for moving. a variety of terrains ranging from street bows, or pedaling on village roads to light trails or terrain.

This advanced aluminum material will increase the life of the chassis, not corroded or rusted during use. This bike is equipped with a pair of front forks with fork lock feature, 63mm cycle fork with relative damping capability. With the SR Suntour NEX HLO forks are suitable for cycling on the trail, city roads to pedal on light terrain, trail trails.

Roam 3 Disc is equipped with Shimano Acera 3 × 8 speed transmission that helps the bike to borrow and be more sensitive when switching from one frame to another. Sturdy XCT-T318 disc bearing provides comfort and effective transmission for pedaling.

4. Giant Ricon Series sport bike
Giant Rincon sport bike is a "smart blend" of weight, comfort and reasonable price, which is chosen by many customers. The lightweight ALUXX frame helps satisfy the needs of the wheels 27.5.

5. Giant Talon 3 sport bike
The Talon 3 2020 sports bike has a dynamic and lightweight design. The chassis of this car is also manufactured from aluminum alloy material capable of loading up to 120 kg. The Shimano Altus / Acera 3 × 8 actuator makes it easier to operate and more flexible than other models in the premium price segment. The steering wheel part is designed to prevent you from moving in any terrain and the steering wheel is strong.

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