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The price of sports bikes is extremely diverse and plentiful because there are many different types of bikes on the market today. Here are the models and mid-range sports bike prices for your reference.

A lot of people have a passion for cycling and cycling. Therefore, in Vietnam, there are many different brands of car manufacturers, so the price of sports bikes is extremely diverse. Currently, many people are passionate about the sport bike line, especially for young people. Whether looking for this product for the purpose of car or bike enthusiasts, everyone wants to own a high quality car.

What makes a high quality sports bike?
The sports bike line is loved by many young people today. Bicycle enthusiasts and bicycle enthusiasts all love this series. If you have passion, you want to own a high quality bike and have a design that suits your personality. In your opinion, what factors make a quality sports bike? Let's explore with Giant!

Firstly, if you want to own a quality sports bike, it must be a product of a reputable and long-standing brand in this market. Genuine bike models are always guaranteed quality, genuine components and accessories are always of good quality, meeting technical criteria.

Besides, the bikes have a clear origin and come from famous brands are always the choice of sports bikers.

Second: The factor that makes the quality of a sports bike is the frame. High quality cars today often use high quality aluminum alloy material to produce the chassis. This is one of the high quality materials that help bring maximum durability to the vehicle. You absolutely do not have to worry about damage or broken frame during use. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum alloy so it is very suitable for the production of sports bikes.

Third: A quality bicycle must also be suitable for the purpose of use. By bike is now divided into many categories such as terrain bikes, racing bikes and popular bikes. Each vehicle has a frame, tire, tire ... suitable for traveling in different terrains, so choosing the right product line also brings a longer life.

Fourth: The factor that makes a high quality bike that is suitable for the user. Sport bikes are also made into two categories for men and women. Although you are female and have an ideal height, you should not choose sport bikes for men. Choosing the right bike for your height will make you feel more comfortable to use, does not cause joint pain during cycling, affecting your health.

Therefore, when choosing a bike in addition to considering the price of sports bikes, you should also consider the specifications of the bike to choose the high quality and suitable models for yourself.

If you are looking to buy sports bikes, do not forget to immediately refer to the models that are priced in the mid-range segment from 6-11 million below.

Mid-range sports bike models and prices for you to choose
1. Giant Rincon sports bike
The Giant Rincon model is one of the Giant models. This is a high quality product and was first introduced because this is a product that is selling well, with many choices today. Sport bike with a youthful and dynamic green version

Giant Rincon 2019 sports bike with an active sporty design, showing the strong personality of men. The car is equipped with Giant's exclusive ALUXX aluminum alloy frame, super light. Rincon sports bike is a good choice for you in the sports bike price segment.

2. Giant ATX 660 sports bike 2019
Giant ATX 660 Sport Bike 2019 is one of the terrain bikes that looks very compact but can overcome a lot of rugged terrain. Along with the striking colors, the ATX 660 bike impresses many consumers.

3. Giant Escape 3 sport bike
The Giant Escape 3 chassis is made with Giant's exclusive Aluxx aluminum technology, a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame.

The Escape 3 is equipped with a Shimano transmission system, which makes it fast and easy to move. With this Shimano brand from Japan, you can completely climb up the slope, or run on relatively rough roads.

4. ATX 2 sports bike
Rated as an ordinary sport bike suitable for Vietnamese physique. All ATX 2 brakes and wires are done underground in the chassis. It can be said that this mark not only adds to the aesthetic value but also supports significant features during use for users.

6. ATX 1 sports bike
Another model of the Giant in this segment. ATX 1 bicycles are designed for long trips and picnics. ATX 1 car is of high quality because it is equipped with Aluxx aluminum frame with a long life and 27.5 wheel system with good grip.

The chassis is manufactured with light-weight, high-strength aluminum alloy material, so the weight of the whole vehicle is 14kg but can load up to 120 kg suitable for transporting heavy objects. during the trip. Owning a high quality car but affordable price for many people, so the Giant ATX 1 car is the focus of attention of many people today.

7. Roam 3 Disc sports bike
Roam 3 Disc sports bikes are "hybrid" between touring bikes and terrain bikes, suitable for moving many different terrains from city roads, or on village roads to trails or roads. light picture.

8. Escape 2 City Disc sports bike
Escape 2 City is highly appreciated for its elegant and elegant colors, the design focused on the comfort of customers. It also stands out due to its smoother handling by using the 3 × 8 speed Shimano Altus transmission.

9. Rincon Disc sports bike
Rincon Disc is manufacturer focused on the chassis from advanced Aluxx aluminum technology. In addition, the bicycle model of the Giant brand is also attractive and convincing to young customers thanks to its durable performance and very stable speed. The Rincon Disc is equipped with a 3 × 8 speed Shimano Acera transmission, which brings new experiences to cyclists.

Different from the 2017 Rincon Disc model in the 26 inch diameter wheel, the Rincon Disc 2018 bike is equipped with a much more flexible 27.5 inch wheel system.

10. Talon 3 sport bike
A bike in the mid-range sports bike segment is Giant's Talon 3. This bike offers many advantages and is suitable for cycling enthusiasts.

An ultra-light and durable aluminum alloy frame is manufactured using advanced technology to provide good bearing capacity. The outside of the car is sprayed with electrostatic paint to help bring durability and aesthetics to the product.

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