Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cheap Taiwanese sports bikes are popular in Vietnam 2019

There are quite a number of Taiwanese sports bikes that are popularly distributed in Vietnam. Among them are two floating bicycle brands produced in this country: Galaxy and Nakxus. These are very popular bikes in our country, favored by cheap prices, in accordance with the economic conditions of all customers.

Made in Taiwan but not every bicycle brand that has a factory here has its origin there. Most car brands originating from Germany, Italy, Japan ... are based in Taiwan. Technology is imported and supervised by the main manufacturer.

Galaxy - Taiwanese popular bicycle brand
Galaxy is the prominent name of the popular low-cost bike line in Vietnam. Although newly appearing in our country, this brand quickly has a strong market domination. Galaxy bikes in Vietnam are imported directly from the manufacturer with Taiwan brand. This is a very popular Taiwanese sports bike company up to the present time.

Galaxy is the name "born after late birth (born in 2013) but not so that this brand is more regressive than the names that have a long presence. Grasping trends and customer tastes is what manufacturers are aiming for. Serving a diverse range of customers, targeting the popular customer base is the goal to help Galaxy capture the Asian market.

Advantages of Galaxy sports bikes
+ Cheap price
Cheap is the biggest advantage of the Galaxy bicycle brand. The average price of these brand products is only VND 2 - 5 million. This price is very popular with Vietnamese users. Suitable for many people's pockets. Especially for students and students. Therefore, in Vietnam, Galaxy is always at the top of the list of cheap and good quality Taiwanese sports bikes.

+ Diverse products
Galaxy sports bicycle brand launched a variety of products. With bikes such as racing bikes, terrain bikes, touring bikes, street bikes, folding bikes and kids bicycles. Thus, this brand can serve a diverse audience.

+ Fashion design
Galaxy bikes are also appreciated in design. The product has a rich design, targeting fashion, elegant, modern style, in accordance with the tastes of today's users.

Some striking models of Galaxy sports bikes
Galaxy manufacturers continually release new models every year. Design, configuration and techniques are constantly improved. These include the outstanding Galaxy bikes with good prices such as:

  • Galaxy MT228 Children's bicycle - price 2,500,000 VND
  • Galaxy T5 bicycle - price 2,900,000 VND
  • Galaxy MT16 Galaxy Sport sports bike - VND 3,200,000
  • Galaxy RL200 street bike (2020) - price 4,200,000 VND
About Taiwan sports bike brand - Nakxus
Nakxus is also a favorite Taiwanese sports bike brand in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of age, this brand has been growing and serving more customers in Asia in general.

Products of this brand are manufactured by modern and advanced technology lines. As a result, the product produces quality, fast assembly, and lower prices. This is a bicycle brand focused on the cheap segment. Nakxus bicycles are widely distributed, popular in the Asia Pacific market, including Vietnam.

Advantages of Nakxus sports bike manufacturer

+ About the quality
The quality of Nakxus bikes is quite good by experts. Sturdy material, modern production techniques. Vehicles are manufactured according to European quality standards. Sturdy frame, strong configuration is the highlight of this car.

+ Fashionable design
Nakxus's design is aimed at users' tastes in fashion, sports and following the current trend. Car styling is polished and meticulous in the design. Harmonious, beautiful appearance. The manufacturer of the Nakxus brand car is very smart when it comes to capturing the psychology of its customers when designing its products.

+ Attractive price
Taiwan sports bike brand - Nakxus aims to serve a variety of customers. The products are popular, medium and high-end, but most are still the low-cost segment. This is very suitable to the needs and actual conditions of customers in Vietnam.

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