Sunday, April 19, 2020

April 19, 2020

Cycling brings many benefits to the body and spirit of the workout

Currently, cycling is increasingly favored by many people as it brings a lot of positive impact to the person's body, especially those who have to sit as much as office workers. The subject is suitable for all subjects from children to the elderly.

Let's find out what these sports benefits give us!

1. Improve blood circulation

In the process of cycling, the heart rate rises faster than usual. This sport exercises the heart and enhances health. Research on middle-school men shows a positive effect on the likelihood of blood circulation. Compared to those sedentary people, cycling, walking or jogging people have a better blood circulation.

2. Reduce the risk of cancer

You know that physical activities such as cycling and jogging can significantly reduce the incidence of diseases including cancer. Studies have shown that for people with moderate physical activity to high intensity in the early and middle stages there is less risk of cancer than people who are sedentary.

3. Treatment of Diabetes

At present, the incidence of diabetic patients is increasing. This is a fairly dangerous disease because diabetes increases the risk of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, kidney, decreased vision,... Your physical activity can regularly control the disease. Cycling is beneficial to patients with diabetes because when the movement, glucose in the cells will burn gradually, glucose in the blood will be absorbed by cells, the metabolism bar of useful energy.

4. Muscle Formation

When cycling, you must operate the legs continuously. Before now, many misunderstood that cycling had only an impact on calves and thighs, but the subject also applied to all other parts of the body. The hand is also practiced when the driver is used to keep the vehicle balanced. For young children, bones and muscles are markedly improved after a period of steady cycling based on the flexible movements of the muscle groups.

5. Improve Fitness

Cycling improves endurance and enhances body toughness. As the power increases, work will be more aggressive. Bicycle Construction Platform Fitness for other physical activities.

6. Weight Loss

Cycling is a very good weight loss method. A cyclist of 18km per hour can burn 260 calories. Bike training helps keep your body balanced and bring in good shape.

7. Analgesic

Cycling is proven effective in pain control. This is exercises that help to relax muscles. The subject was very good at solving the psychological problems and pains caused by stress. Cycling helps stabilize the psychology of children and relieve pain effectively for adults.

8. Improve stress

Cycling offers many benefits for stress relief and psychological release. Experts think that playing sports helps to reduce stress, and cycling is one of the 

April 19, 2020


Biking brings many practical benefits to the health and spirit of the workout. In fact, many people have successfully healed thanks to the cycling every day.

Every sport at birth brings a positive impact on human health. And the cycling department is no exception. In the journey of the bike, the workout will be explored more and more new things, more interesting, at the same time, to train a health and the most optimistic spirit.

The unexpected benefits of cycling for health
In the article below, find out the effect of cycling on the health of the workout. At the same time, the article will propose a suitable bicycle for movement for various workout objects.

1. Cycling – the perfect subject to build a firmer muscle system:
When practicing bicycles for a certain period of time, you are sure to easily recognize the changes of yourself, especially in the tufts on the body. Thanks to the continuous operation and the deluge that your feet will become firmer and slimmer, you can easily burn the excess fat in the thigh and leg – the most difficult position to reduce the fat on the body.

Cycling helps you to train toned muscles, slim on the whole body
Many people often observe that cycling only works on the legs, but this is completely misleading. Because when you bike, especially in steep terrain, mountains,.. The shoulder and arm must also operate in the utmost to achieve the most perfect cycling performance. Thanks to this, you will feel your arms and shoulders more toned and healthier after the training sessions.

2. Stronger joints with moderate cycling exercises:
Cycling can work on your muscles, thereby indirectly delivering benefits to the joints. If properly operated, your joints will become strong, flexible and limit the diseases associated with the skeletal muscle.

However, this will be reflected if you train your bike overexertion. If you feel there are any signs of lasting fatigue caused by cycling workouts, you should take a break, refer to the advice of specialists to avoid adverse effects on the bones of the joints.

3. Treating insomnia with bike training sessions:
Insomnia is a condition that many people often experience, which can come due to various causes. But if you are suffering from insomnia due to stress, you should plan your bike training sessions. According to the research of experts who participated in the regular exercise program, there will be a better and deeper sleep.

Insomnia will no longer if you cycle most regularly
In addition, when cycling the most often, the body produces a large amount of endorphin work to create positive emotions and help you relieve stress in the most effective way.

4. Cycling coordinates will help you prevent and treat the psychological symptoms that are not good:
These psychological symptoms can greatly affect human life, leading to depression, autism and other syndrome. You can completely overcome or prevent psychophysical symptoms quickly thanks to cycling your bike every day. Because cycling is not merely an athletic sport, it also helps you to discover the world around the most realistic, helping you live and love life.

In today's technological era, you should find yourself a healthy space, away from technological equipment and immersed in the surrounding life. The cycling is considered the most perfect choice if you want to build a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

5. Stay away from cardiovascular-related diseases thanks to the cycling every day:

You can completely keep away from cardiovascular diseases if you train your bike every day
The treatment of cardiovascular disease through cycling has been verified by experiments and scientists. Thanks to the proper mobility of your body, you can control blood cholesterol levels, strengthen heart and lung function.

If you want to lose weight healthy and safe then cycling will be the ideal choice for you. In the process of cycling, a large amount of calories in the body will be released, burning excess fat in a natural manner without the need for drug or surgical intervention.

How to choose a sports bike for training to be safe and suitable?
Above are the effects of cycling for the health and spirit of each person. However, for effective cycling, you need to choose to be your most suitable sports bike. If you are still wondering in the car selection step, we will introduce you to a model of sports bicycles that are best suited for workouts – the Giant Escape 2 City Disc.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

October 26, 2019

Top 4 popular types of bicycles in 2019

1.Fat Bike
Fat bike or Fat Bike is the bike with extremely unique and new design in Vietnam. With a giant wheel design creating a unique and novel, fat bike bikes are gradually present in Vietnam and create a new trend of playing cars.

If we see the fat bike for the first time, if we can see it with our eyes, we will see the bike is very heavy due to its huge size. But if the market is sitting on the bicycle, the car is quite light, simply because the parts and configuration used for the car are from lightweight materials.

You absolutely can conquer difficult terrains that previously thought impossible to conquer such as roads covered with snow and snow or bumpy roads covered with sharp macadam. Experience the unprecedented emotions, with what the car brings, this is a great choice that anyone wants to choose.

Currently, fat wheel bikes are distributed exclusively at World Bikes. We are committed and guaranteed to provide customers with quality products with a variety of models and best prices.

2. Terrain bike
Mountain bike, also known as mountain bike, mtb bike, is a sport bike with very strong characteristics. Compared to other sports bikes, this bike has a fork, normal wheels. thicker, large spines and dress suitable for all terrain types.

Deciding on the quality of an off-road bike is the frame. Produced by world famous brands such as TRINX, TWITTER, NAKXUS ... with extremely diverse materials such as alloy steel, aluminum, carbon to titanium extremely light. Mountain bikes will always have to be hunted to add to their collection to own the hottest genuine mountain bike models.

Depending on the purpose of use and good financial ability, you can satisfy with the cheap mtb bike models that are used by many people today. Come to World Bikes for advice on buying a mountain bike and own a nice quality bike and enjoy the golden privileges from World Bikes. In addition, when coming to us, you will be free of charge, see detailed instructions on how to install and edit the starter kit, how to adjust the brakes, forks, the height of the bicycle saddle to suit all terrains, physique of the car owner.

3.Road bike
Road bike is a bike with speed and style that no other bike can match .. A quality road bike has small tires, is lighter and can move at a speed. Faster than ideal that's what a professional "player" wants to own.

Racing bikes are always rated as one of the high-end bikes because they converge to the best of what a bike can have. Understanding the basics of a racing bike will help you. Can buy yourself a cheap and good quality durable bike racing.

So how to own a cheap and good quality racing bike. Come to Bikes World for advice and have the opportunity to own high-end racing bikes from famous brands in the world. Especially when buying a car you have the opportunity to receive the biggest offers ever with attractive gifts can be up to VND 3,800,000.

4. Terrain bike
Mountain bike, also known as mountain bike, mtb bike, is a sport bike with very strong characteristics. Compared to other sports bikes, this bike has a fork, normal wheels. thicker, large spines and dress suitable for all terrain types.

Deciding on the quality of an off-road bike is the frame. Produced by world famous brands such as TRINX, TWITTER, NAKXUS ... with extremely diverse materials such as alloy steel, aluminum, carbon to titanium extremely light. Mountain bikes will always have to be hunted to add to their collection to own the hottest genuine mountain bike models.

Depending on the purpose of use and good financial ability, you can satisfy with the cheap mtb bike models that are used by many people today. Come to World Bikes for advice on buying a mountain bike and own a nice quality bike and enjoy the golden privileges from World Bikes. In addition, when coming to us, you will be free of charge, see detailed instructions on how to install and edit the starter kit, how to adjust the brakes, forks, the height of the bicycle saddle to suit all terrains, physique of the car owner.
October 26, 2019

What are the highlights of German sports bikes 2019?

The famous German sports bike with the Twitter brand is a famous bike. This is a brand of vehicles with large consumption in the Asia Pacific market. Twitter bike is also very popular and popular in Vietnam.

German bicycle Twitter was born in 2008. Although being born later than many other famous brands, Twitter has quickly captured the bicycle market of Asia and many European countries. This brand of car has many outstanding advantages, which is preferred by users:

German sport bikes meet CE quality standards
The CE standard is the European Union's quality standard. Speaking of European quality standards, everyone knows. In order to achieve this standard, the products must be manufactured by modern and advanced technical processes. The process is strictly monitored, the product must be very strict quality control. Every product before it is marketed must meet all standards.

German bicycle Twitter inherits the technological prowess of the country with the world's leading industry. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when this bicycle company is highly appreciated for its product quality.

The quality here is assessed in many factors: high quality, durable materials, standard assembly products, good performance, long life ... German sports bikes Twitter can meet all both criteria set by the CE standard.

Twitter sports bike is well equipped
Targeted at affordable and mid-range customers, the German sports bike Twitter is very invested in configuration. Most products are equipped with high-end Shimano gear sets. Help the car have flexible movement, speed.

If anyone has ever owned a Twitter bike, you will feel the difference in the movement of this bike. From design to configuration for free and comfortable movement. But at the same time, the driver is very active in control.

The design of German sports bikes is very innovative and fashionable
+ Structure
Many German Twitter bikes have a very unique structure. The appearance is very complex but eye-catching and looks more professional than ordinary cars. This construction is based on the study of user preferences to create the maximum comfort and efficiency when practicing sports by bike.

+ Design
I must say that Twitter has a hard time finding new designs for its products. Design has the inheritance and promotion of creating new products, attracting eyes. The style of this car is fashionable, modern, stylish and unique.

Suggest hot German sports bikes

+ Visp 3.0 bike
This is a popular bike model of the Twitter brand. Price only 4.200.000 ₫. Lightweight aluminum chassis helps reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. Sleek, fashionable, and elegant colors with extremely smooth 3-layer paint. Vehicles equipped with 21-speed Shimano movement for flexible and smooth movement.

+ Twitter 719 sports bike
For the price of VND 8,500,000 you can own a striking design of the Twitter brand. This car is equipped with Shimano M370-27 speed, 9-speed movement to help you experience great speed. Modern design. Car painted black and red impressive, strong style, personality.

+ T10 Pro racing bike
The highlight of this German sports bike is its rugged construction. Extremely light 18k carbon aluminum frame. Weight only 8.5 kg, in accordance with the standards of professional racing bikes. The car is extremely durable, good impact resistance and not afraid of deformation. Outstanding configuration plus stylish design creates a class of vehicle. Currently products are being discounted at Fx-Bike from 15,900,000 VND to 15,590,000 VND.

+ Twitter Cyclone racing bike 2.0
Add a model of a German racing bike that you should buy. Very good value for this product. This is a high-class bicycle product, elaborated in design, meticulous in every stage of production, assembly and equipped with extremely high configuration. All make up the perfect perfect impeccable in the head. The bike is also being discounted by Fx-Bike from VND 19,900,000 to only VND 18,500,000.
October 26, 2019

Cheap Taiwanese sports bikes are popular in Vietnam 2019

There are quite a number of Taiwanese sports bikes that are popularly distributed in Vietnam. Among them are two floating bicycle brands produced in this country: Galaxy and Nakxus. These are very popular bikes in our country, favored by cheap prices, in accordance with the economic conditions of all customers.

Made in Taiwan but not every bicycle brand that has a factory here has its origin there. Most car brands originating from Germany, Italy, Japan ... are based in Taiwan. Technology is imported and supervised by the main manufacturer.

Galaxy - Taiwanese popular bicycle brand
Galaxy is the prominent name of the popular low-cost bike line in Vietnam. Although newly appearing in our country, this brand quickly has a strong market domination. Galaxy bikes in Vietnam are imported directly from the manufacturer with Taiwan brand. This is a very popular Taiwanese sports bike company up to the present time.

Galaxy is the name "born after late birth (born in 2013) but not so that this brand is more regressive than the names that have a long presence. Grasping trends and customer tastes is what manufacturers are aiming for. Serving a diverse range of customers, targeting the popular customer base is the goal to help Galaxy capture the Asian market.

Advantages of Galaxy sports bikes
+ Cheap price
Cheap is the biggest advantage of the Galaxy bicycle brand. The average price of these brand products is only VND 2 - 5 million. This price is very popular with Vietnamese users. Suitable for many people's pockets. Especially for students and students. Therefore, in Vietnam, Galaxy is always at the top of the list of cheap and good quality Taiwanese sports bikes.

+ Diverse products
Galaxy sports bicycle brand launched a variety of products. With bikes such as racing bikes, terrain bikes, touring bikes, street bikes, folding bikes and kids bicycles. Thus, this brand can serve a diverse audience.

+ Fashion design
Galaxy bikes are also appreciated in design. The product has a rich design, targeting fashion, elegant, modern style, in accordance with the tastes of today's users.

Some striking models of Galaxy sports bikes
Galaxy manufacturers continually release new models every year. Design, configuration and techniques are constantly improved. These include the outstanding Galaxy bikes with good prices such as:

  • Galaxy MT228 Children's bicycle - price 2,500,000 VND
  • Galaxy T5 bicycle - price 2,900,000 VND
  • Galaxy MT16 Galaxy Sport sports bike - VND 3,200,000
  • Galaxy RL200 street bike (2020) - price 4,200,000 VND
About Taiwan sports bike brand - Nakxus
Nakxus is also a favorite Taiwanese sports bike brand in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of age, this brand has been growing and serving more customers in Asia in general.

Products of this brand are manufactured by modern and advanced technology lines. As a result, the product produces quality, fast assembly, and lower prices. This is a bicycle brand focused on the cheap segment. Nakxus bicycles are widely distributed, popular in the Asia Pacific market, including Vietnam.

Advantages of Nakxus sports bike manufacturer

+ About the quality
The quality of Nakxus bikes is quite good by experts. Sturdy material, modern production techniques. Vehicles are manufactured according to European quality standards. Sturdy frame, strong configuration is the highlight of this car.

+ Fashionable design
Nakxus's design is aimed at users' tastes in fashion, sports and following the current trend. Car styling is polished and meticulous in the design. Harmonious, beautiful appearance. The manufacturer of the Nakxus brand car is very smart when it comes to capturing the psychology of its customers when designing its products.

+ Attractive price
Taiwan sports bike brand - Nakxus aims to serve a variety of customers. The products are popular, medium and high-end, but most are still the low-cost segment. This is very suitable to the needs and actual conditions of customers in Vietnam.
October 26, 2019

Why is Giant sports bike so popular?

Giant sports bikes are one of the most popular bike manufacturers today in both Asian and Vietnamese markets. This is a brand with a long history of development, winning the trust of customers for generations.

If you learn a little, you will know Giant sports bike is a bicycle brand with a history of over 40 years. This branded product is now available in more than 50 countries around the world. Giant is the pride of China. Right from the birth, the bicycle called Giant has become the desire of the students. So far, Giant has never been very attractive.

There are many reasons why the Giant sports bicycle brand stands on the market and growing stronger and stronger. Their products appear in many countries with the production of tens of thousands of cars per year. Giant became the most popular bicycle brand.

Giant sports bikes always focus on the quality - durability of the bike
Since its inception, Giant sports bikes have been very focused on the quality of each product. Every car before going out of the factory undergoes strict inspection according to international standards. Ensuring every detail brings the highest standards of quality and durability:

+ High quality materials
Giant sport bikes with frames are usually made of carbon steel or aluminum and carbon alloy materials. The frame has a high rigidity, firmness, good strength, strong impact resistance without distortion.

Brakes ensure high safety. The system is used by Shimano, Kenda tires. Premium materials create the perfect quality of the product.

+ International standard manufacturing techniques
Giant sport bikes are manufactured using Japanese technology. High technology, strict inspection. The assembly process is strictly supervised by leading experts.

+ Long life
The previous generation loved Giant sports bikes because they have beautiful design, fashion, but above all, the durability of the "stone mortar" of this bike. To this day, this brand retains its outstanding advantages and is even more improved.

The configuration of Giant sports bike is constantly being improved
With every product, Giant sports bikes are equipped with good configuration, even with affordable cars. Most are Japanese high-end Shimano movements. The advanced gearbox helps the car achieve flexible movement and optimum speed.

Especially with the Giant cars priced from midrange upwards, the configuration is very strong. They are perfect in each design to form a whole that brings interesting experiences to users.

Giant sports bike style catches up with customers' tastes
Giant sports bike design creates appeal to all customers thanks to the following factors:

+ Meticulous and creative design
Giant pedal sports products are always the top manufacturer of meticulousness and creativity in design. As a result, each car always gives users a sense of the perfection, the care of its maker.

+ Fashionable design
Giant sports bike design is designed according to the trend of fashion, modern, style, to meet the tastes of users.

+ Rich colors
The colors of Giant sports bikes prioritize courtesy and fashion. Combining trendy and harmonious colors to create a beautiful and rich aesthetic.

Giant sports bike prices are affordable
Most Giant sports bikes are products priced from 4 to 8 million. This is a cheap and quality bicycle brand that is loved by customers all over the world. In addition, Giant also launched high-end bicycle models, priced at over 10 million for a product. Those are the striking, breakthrough designs of this brand.
October 26, 2019

Sample sport bike for young women - personality 2019

Alice female bike is a sport bike for women with a youthful style and personality that is worth your choice today. This car has all the elements that girls need. They are: quality, nice design, good price, suitable size.

The criteria for choosing a sport bike model for women usually prioritize light endurance and stylish design. Price is also a matter of great concern. Especially for young people who are pupils and students. Or you have to work to find a bike with a gentle price to stroll around the streets when you have free time.

Highlights of the sports bike model for female Alice

+ Structure
The Alice female bicycle has a strong, lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The materials selected help this car look small but has good bearing capacity. High impact resistance, anti-deformation. The spare parts used are all famous brands. Especially, Kenda tires are durable. Size 26 solid and strong gold.

+ Configuration
This vehicle is equipped with Shimano Tourney 21 Speed ​​movement. Shimano EF51 Handshake. Mechanical disc brake. Configuration is good, strong, helps the car have flexible movement, smooth gear changes, enduring performance.

+ Design
This is a sport bike model for women with a youthful and modern design. Simple but sophisticated design in every line. Harmonious harmony with compact structure, elegant style, very feminine. Elegant colors, suitable for women such as pink, blue ...

Assessing the suitability of a sports bike model for women
Sports bike models for women often have a relatively special design. Car styling, dimensions and structure are designed based on research on the general condition of women. Let's see if Alice's bike model meets the criteria for choosing a bike for women!

+ About the design
According to experts, female models of sport bikes often have vertical and short bands that are more suitable than horizontal ones. Alice bike is a typical model. The stand design, relative size is the first fit that girls should choose this model.

With this design, the girls will easily control the car in all conditions of the road. At the same time, the driver will master his steering. This helps minimize the risk of bicycling, limiting unexpected situations. Especially when cycling on bad, rough and sloping roads.

+ About car size
Alice's bicycle is a medium sized female, suitable for the average height of women in Vietnam. Outside, the car is quite small and light. Seat height can be changed so girls with height from 1m50 - 1m70 can use it well.

With the right size, this car helps girls to be proactive in controlling the car. When sitting in a car with good view, easy observation, comfortable driving. Thus, helps improve safety when riding on the street.

+ Some other parts of the car
It is true that the bike model for women. The Alice bike has a compact handlebar and brake handle, suitable for the little hands of girls. The saddle has a wider back designed to suit the body characteristics of women (female's pelvis is usually wider).

Materials selected for the manufacture of vehicles aim to reduce weight. Material aluminum frame is both strong and light, which is a big plus of this car.

Calculate the application of the sports bike model for girls Alice
With a design suitable for women, fashionable designs, good quality, Alice's sports bike model is the best suggestion for girls today. Especially young people with low income and limited budget.

This car will be a good companion for you when you go to school, work, walk around the city or practice sports. The gentle, feminine design of the car can satisfy any girl.